Monday, September 5, 2011

The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

This trilogy is probably the darkest young adult fiction that I have ever read.  The second book in the trilogy contains some horrific concepts.  Are they horrific because they are true?  The antagonist in this story uses the cold hard truth to rip his enemies apart.  The awful truths of this book do the same to the reader.  We often fantasize about having to vacate this planet after we mess it up.  This trilogy explores the harsh realities of what happens when we still don't get it right in the next world.  Realities about leaders and followers that force you to decide where you would end up and what you would do.  You won't like what you find out.  This trilogy is definitely for a more mature reader.  I don't like the references to women in this book, or the Spackle (native creatures) but that's really the point.  Pick it up if you are looking for some food for thought, otherwise, run the other way.